To maximize our donated funds, Harmony Health Clinic relies almost exclusively on volunteers to staff the clinic.

We are in need of physicians, dentists, ARNP’s, RN’s, as well as non-medical volunteers to render care, work in the front and back office, to screen patients for eligibility, to help with special events, and to help with data entry.

There will also be internship opportunities for college students and graduate students.

Non-Medical Clinic Volunteer Form

Medical Professional Credentialing Application

Non-medical volunteers needed include, but are not limited to, reception and clerical volunteers who are always needed at the front desk. Those who can conduct eligibility screening are essential, case management volunteers are needed to assist patients in connecting to needed resources, mentor/role models are vital for many of our clients, drug assistant volunteers are valuable for helping to complete applications for necessary drugs for our patients—RN’s preferred. We also need special events volunteers to help us with fundraising outside of the Clinic, executive secretarial support, building maintenance/cleaning support, marketing/public relations support, accounting support/CPA, translators, and those fluent in Spanish are critical to our success.

We also need volunteers to sit with and read to children of patients who might be attending the Clinic. We encourage children to take a book home with them, and one great way to volunteer would be to help tend to the children in the Clinic.

Volunteer Malpractice Immunity

Harmony Health Clinic is registered with the Arkansas Department of Health as a free or low-cost health clinic under Arkansas’s health care professional volunteer immunity law found at Ark. Code Ann. § 16-6-201. This means that any HHC volunteer who is a licensed health professional or a student or resident of a health care profession program that leads to a professional degree, license, or certification, and who has been credentialed by HHC is immune from suit for medical negligence. Because of the broad protections afforded to our volunteer medical professionals under this law, secondary malpractice insurance is not provided.